OnePlus teases a new “OnePlus World” event.

The OnePlus 8T launch is about to come in a couple of weeks and the company is already set to have some surprises for its fans. The company has recently teased details about “OnePlus World“, which is all set to reveal the details on October 1. OnePlus World could be the surprise that was hinted by the official from OnePlus through Weibo. From the initial expression, the teaser looks like a virtual space for all the OnePlus users and fans, where they can share their experiences about the products and social connections with others. 

The launch for this virtual space comes just two weeks before the official launch of the OnePlus 8T, which could bring announcements regarding features which can be a part of the OnePlus 8T as well. The OnePlus world could be anything at the moment. Unless the company is planning to launch something unique and completely new, it is expected to be a community hub or product showcase. It could also be a hint towards increasing the VR experience through OnePlus devices, something which the company has already been working for a long time now, but the work is still in development. 

Therefore, the launch of this teaser before another smartphone launch event is not a coincidence and would definitely be somehow related to the launch. It could also be an event that showcases new technology and features that the company is working on and later could become the part of the OnePlus 8T smartphones at launch. One thing is for sure that the company is certainly going to show off some new hardware in it.

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