Apple is planning a new launch event by Christmas.

A few days back Apple hosted an online event tagged as their last event for the year. However, it does not seem that way now and Apple might be surprising their fans with yet another product launch by Christmas. A popular tipster on Twitter claims that Apple might be launching a few more products before the year-end. This year has witnessed a lot of events by Apple where they have disclosed and launched all their new range of products for the consumers.

As per the tipster account “L0vetodream” on Twitter the company is planning for a Winter surprise where you might have a look at the Audio range that the company has been working on for a long time. There is no confirmation and details about the event they are planning currently, but the most popular product to still come out of their sleeves is the over the ear headphones they have been working on. The two products that are rumoured to be launched this year is the Apple Air Tags and Air Studios.

The Air tags as products have had multiple leaks this year and developers have also been able to peak into the new hardware changes for the same. Similarly, Airpods Studio was expected to launch by the company in their previous launch event however, it did not happen. Now there were reports that both the products were scheduled to launch early next year, but it seems that Apple might be shifting the launch earlier to the end of this year with the product availability by the next year.


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