OnePlus to launch their smartwatch soon.

OnePlus 8T launch was one of the anticipated launches for smartphone users. Now, since the smartphone has been launched, the company is all set to release its smartwatch in the market. OnePlus has recently tweeted on their official account with an OnePlus Watch like image and captioning it as “only a matter of time“, which means the watch is about to be launched soon. The company will be launching it through the OnePlus ecosystem, which is a virtual environment set by the company. 

The company has been working on the concept of a smartwatch since 2016 and from the past few months, we have been able to get a few looks and leaks about the watch. The company has also revealed a lot of new sketches of their OnePlus smartwatch that was being developed in 2016 and was later canceled by the team as the results were not satisfactory. The images do reveal that OnePlus was planning to implement around design to the OnePlus smartwatch, rather than a square design, something which is also expected for their new OnePlus watch.

 With the recent tweet, it seems that the company can now finally focus on the launch of the watch and is something we can see in the coming months. Also, before the launch, we can expect some more leaks and details about the watch. It will be interesting to see how OnePlus add a new look and new features to the smartwatch and makes it a better offering than other products in the market.


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