Periscope Telephoto cameras coming to iPhone

Apple iPhone is known for its groundbreaking camera technology, which has improved and got better with time. It will not be wrong to say that the camera on an iPhone is one of the best among any smartphone and even competes with some of the low range DSLR cameras. Adding up to this, Ming-chi Kuo, the analyst of TF Securities, has provided information that Apple will be using a periscope telephoto camera in the iPhone lineup in 2022.

The news was found on 9to5Mac, AppleInsider, and MacRumors. The details of this information came out when Semco, a South Korean company, was reported to contribute autofocus motors to this year’s new iPhone models and is said to be in line to provide about half of the supply periscope optics.

Periscope cameras are a way of enabling long focal lengths in devices like smartphones, where physical depth is at a premium. These kinds of cameras use prisms and mirrors to reflect light in the sensors. Chinese mobile manufacturers also use the same technique like Oppo and Huawei, where their phone cameras can provide up to zoom 5x. The same technology will also be used by Apple competitor Samsung in the new Galaxy range of premium smartphones.

Apple currently uses 2x zoom in all their models, which they started using in iPhone 7. With the shift to periscope design for cameras, it is expected that we will see iPhone in 2022 with up to 5x zoom out even more. Apple has been quiet about this development and has not made any official statement on this news.

However, since it has been a lot of time after the iPhone 7, the company is soon expected to change the camera setup to something better. We do hope that we get to see more camera improvement apart from using a periscope camera.


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