PUBG currently does not have permission to operate in India

PUBG is coming to the Indian market, something which everyone has been discussing for the last few weeks. It was also reported that PUBG has registered its Indian subsidiary which has been registered in Bangalore and will be hiring at least 100 employees for maintaining the operation. It was expected that the game could launch any day now for the users with the official website updated for the same as well. 

However, as per the new details, the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MEITY) has told InsideSport that the Corporation or any new entity in India has not been granted any permission to re-start operations in India. Ever since the app was banned in the Indian market, they have been trying to look for various alternatives to re-enter again with the company breaking the ties with Tencent. As per the government sources, there is no change in the stance for PUBG right now. The Ministry source also said that “Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating a new company

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They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India“”. It clearly means that it could lead to a further delay of the game in the Indian market for which the Indian users were very excited. Now the company will be trying to fasten up the process which makes the launch of the game faster. As per the details, “Corporate Identity Number of U72900KA2020FTC141285 which suggests that PUBG Mobile India is serious to not only make a comeback in the country but is also ready to comply with the norms.

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