PUBG disassociates itself from Tencent to reverse the ban in the Indian app market.

PUBG faced a huge backlash after its operation in India was banned after the ban of other 117 Chinese apps. The reason behind the ban of the game was national security and the data that is being transferred to the Chinese government. It was estimated that it led to the loss of billions for Tencent, as soon as the game was banned. Most of the Indian gaming community was not very happy with the decision as they were unable to play it any further on the app. However, the decision did not impact the PC version of PUBG and the PUBG lite version on the PC. 

Now, as per the new news, PUBG, the South Korean company, will not be using Tencent services anymore to publish the game in the Indian market. This major step has been taken by the company to disassociate with the Chinese company and relaunch the game in the Indian market. PUBG did confirm that they respect the decision taken by the Indian government for the security of their country and they will take every possible step to make sure that the game can be played in India. Now the game will directly be published by PUBG corporation in India, making them totally disconnected from the Chinese company Tencent. 

They also confirmed that it will allow the data to remain in the local servers of India. PUBG officials said, “in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India and security of the State”. It has expressed concern over how user data is used and stored. Since the US is also planning to ban the Chinese apps just like India, the step taken from the PUBG corporation will allow them to remain in the market, regardless of the Chinese app ban.


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