PUBG is the highest-grossing game during Pandemic

There is no doubt that PUBG is a gaming revolution for all mobile gamers and is one of the most popular games in recent years. These games have provided a great and engaging experience from mobile gameplay, something that not many people knew about. The game has millions of players globally, and the game is free to play for everyone. However, the game also provides the players with many customization features, which comes as in-app purchases.

pubg highest grossing game

These features are what generate a good amount of revenue for the developers. The game was already popular, but a big increase in users and game time engagement was noticed during the pandemic, making PUBG top the revenue chart during that period. The period was great for PUBG and for the entire mobile gaming industry, which saw a huge rise in the number of players and the engagement time. As per the latest reports, PUBG remains to be the top-grossing game in the entire world. The spending on in-app purchases in PUBG has risen to almost $7.5 million, Quarter over Quarter.

top grossing games

The game is ranked tenth in Google Play Store and placed second on the App Store. Also, there does not seem to be a decline in the popularity of the game, and it seems that Tencent will continue to have increased revenue in the future. The game has also overthrown one of its most popular competitors, Fortnite, by a large number. The pandemic situation and home lockdown might not have been the best for business globally, but it has been a boon for the entire gaming industry.


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