iOS 14 might hit Facebook’s business severely, and they are not happy about it.

Apple’s iOS 14 has been regarded as one of the most secure and best updates yet for Apple device users. The new version of iOS is more focused on users’ privacy and how their data and device are used by the different applications so that the user can be aware as to how their information is used. While the users are very happy with the new features, Facebook doesn’t seem to be happy about it. The new iOS 14 seems to be a problem for the business plan of Facebook and how it was planning to expand its base. 

Apple’s new feature will give users the choice to decide whether they can be tracked across apps using a unique identifier. The feature will provide a popup to the users, asking them to permit if they allow the app to track them. Since the decision remains in the hand of the user, the amount of data that Facebook collects is going to cut short by a lot. While the feature is meant to give users full control of the details an app can track, it will also affect the ad campaigns and effectiveness of ads for users. The same data was collected by the Social networking giant to make sure that relevant ads are placed for the user by tracking their location and other details. 

However, if a customer rejects the app from tracking, Facebook will not be able to do that. Facebook has already confirmed the fear of revenue reducing to 50% due to this feature for them and many app developers for Apple. A lot of experts have been appreciating the step taken by Apple, while the tech experts are looking out for more ways to make sure that the relevance of ads could be maintained.

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