PUBG mobile is very close to launching in the Indian market

Ever since it was announced that PUBG will be making a return in the Indian market, everyone has been excited and have been waiting eagerly for the day. The company severed its ties with Chinese company Tencent in order to regain its position back in India. After a teaser being released for PUBG in India, the company is now all ready to show a trailer as well. The trailer could be out in a couple of days which will show the new changes in the games and new features that are said to be there in the Indian version. 

PUBG Mobile India is also making its way forward to pre-registration for the game. Now the reports do mention that the game is going to be launched very soon, however, it does not give any confirmed dates. The game is going to be released on both the iOS and Android platforms. The pre-registration for PUBG Mobile India is already going on for select Android and iOS users on the Tap Tap game sharing community. This time one of the major changes will also be in the language. 

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The game will be available to Indian consumers, both in English and Hindi versions. There have been no details about any kind of official pre-registration but it is ongoing for some of the gaming communities. The PUBG Corporation is currently in the process of hiring more than 100 people for its operation in India, which will be responsible for handling the game. So be ready as the game announcement can be made on any day in India.


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