PUBG Mobile provides access to a few users to play the pre-release version of the game on Android

PUBG used to rule the mobile gaming industry in Indian and ever since the ban on the game last year, users have been eagerly waiting for its return. After the news came in about the pre-registration for the completely new Indian version of the game, the mobile gaming industry has seen huge positive feedback and impact on the industry. In fact, PUBG was released as Battlegrounds mobile India and also provided some users the opportunity to get their hands on the pre-release edition. 

Since there were limited slots, only a few players have been able to get their hands on the new game and from what we have heard from them, the new version of the game does stand up to the level of excitement PUBG created. The game has only been made available for Android smartphones for now with the iOS version also coming very soon. The game comes with a few additional changes which are a change of blood color to green, a new account system, and a warning system that would warn users to spend a certain time on the game. 

The ban on PUBG was due to the Chinese publisher Tencent, as during the time all Chinese apps were banned in India. The game has now been made from scratch for the Indian audience and was solely developed by Krafton. However, the company has not tried to change the game a lot and you will still find a lot of similar features and gameplay mechanics. One major change that the users will notice is the primary focus on the age of the player and if they are very young to play this game and the amount of time one spends on playing it. 

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