Microsoft patch more than 87 vulnerabilities for Windows 10.

A new vulnerability was found in Windows 10, called the “Ping of Death“, which was fixed by the company using a Windows 10 patch. The details were provided by Security blog DarkReadings, which confirms that Microsoft patched 87 vulnerabilities, including 21 remote code execution flaws. The numbers revealed are really big when it comes to vulnerabilities in the Windows OS. As per the details, none of these vulnerabilities were exposed apart from 6 which were already known to everyone. 

The most critical remote code execution flaw was CVE-2020-16898, which created a vulnerability in Windows TCP/IP settings and improperly handled ICMPv6 Router Advertisement packets. Another major bug was a denial of service flaw (CVE-2020-16899)  in the Windows TCP/IP stack, which would lead an attacker to stop the system from responding. Both of these issues were not found to be exploited before Microsoft could fix them. However, exploitation of these vulnerabilities would have provided the hackers access to the system and further damage as well. 

The good news here was that all the issues were found by the internal team of Microsoft, due to which these were immediately resolved with the patch before it came out in the public or could be used by the wrong people. The 87 vulnerabilities were found in Windows, Office and Office Services and Web Apps, Visual Studio, Azure Functions, .NET Framework, Microsoft Dynamics, Open Source Software, Exchange Server, and the Windows Codecs Library. However, once you have updated your Windows 10, these will no longer be an issue.

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