Samsung along with Stanford university creates an OLED display with 10,000 PPI.

Pixel density is one of the most important things in any kind of screen, be it smartphones, SmartTVs, or any other device with a screen. It not only helps you decide on how sharp the display is but also makes the entire display come to life. In recent times, the sharpest display on the phone was observed in Sony Xperia 1 II, which provided a 4K resolution with 643 PPI. The phone had one of the sharpest screens till now. However, it seems that Samsung is not letting that happen and will place itself on the top spot like always. 

The research team of Samsung and Stanford have created an OLED display with a pixel density(PPI) of around 10,000. If you take an average 6-inch display in a phone, which can provide 32K resolution with 6,000PPI, it would still not match what the researchers have created. The researchers used OLED film to beam out white light to two reflective layers, with one being a silver film and the other being a “metasurface.” This metasurface features a “forest of microscopic pillars,” which serve as pixels measuring 2.4 microns in size. Although it is not something you will be able to see soon on smartphones, 

it is a technology that can be used in VR and could overleap the features of the existing consumer VR headset. However, with this, it would need the latest generation graphic processor to power it up. The notes of both also mention that they have been working on 20,000 PPI, which can be possible in the future. Till that time, we will have to wait for this exceptional technology to be available for consumers.

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