Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with OLED VRR display

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which was one of the most highly expected smartphones. The phone does come with a hefty price tag, but also offers a lot of new features in return as well. One of such technologies ever to come in a smartphone is VRR(Variable Refresh Rate). The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first phone ever to use this technology with their smartphones as a VRR OLED display. The display technology is great when it comes to power saving.

The screen on the phone consumes the maximum amount of battery, however, with this technology, the power consumption is going to decrease by almost 22%. The technology allows the device to use variable refresh rates on the phone in different situations. For example, you will get a refresh rate of 120Hz while playing games and 60Hz while movie streaming. When you are viewing an image, the device screen will switch to 10Hz and 30Hz while viewing text and emails. The refresh rate here would totally depend upon the requirement of the application.

Samsung has also added its backplane technology which eliminates flickering for operating in low frequencies like 10Hz. The device will offer seamless switching between the refresh rate and the user will not feel any kind of difference when it comes to the usability and screen quality. Although the technology used in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is not true VRR, as used in certain screens and gaming monitors, it is still a great step ahead in this way.

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