New Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite colors and battery specs revealed

Before the annual Samsung event in August, much new information is coming about Samsung devices, specifically from the Galaxy S20 series. As per the latest leak, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan edition or Galaxy S20 Lite has been spotted in two different colors and battery specs. The rumors suggest that the company is working on a lite version of the Samsung Galaxy S20, which is very similar to what they did with the Galaxy S10 device. It is expected that these two colors, which are light Pink and Blue (there are no official color names announced yet), will be available in Europe after the launch. 

Another information leaked by is that the model number of this phone is EB-BG781ABY, and the battery capacity of this particular device will be around 4,370mAh. The battery capacity is similar to what is expected on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ device. So it can be the case where the users could see a battery capacity of 4,500mAh in the S20 Lite version, as it was also present in the S10 Lite version, which was released in January this year.

The rumors also suggest that the phone will specifically be launched in the European market initially, and there is no information about its global availability. The expected specs of the phone do include a 120Mhz screen refresh rate along with IP68 certification for the build. 

The phone may also come with Snapdragon 865 SoC and have 6GB of RAM. The phone pricing can be expected a bit higher than the S10 Lite version, which can be anywhere between $100-$150. Everyone has been expecting Samsung to unveil some information or the device it is going to take place on August 5. They have also announced a “Life Unstoppable” event on September 2, which can be a launching ground for Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite.


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