Samsung to soon launch the affordable Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Ever since the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S20, the smartphone has been really popular and has provided some really good features as well. A new smartphone was also expected from Smashing, which was named Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and was supposed to be the lighter or more affordable version of Samsung Galaxy S20. Although not much information has been leaked a few images have recently leaked online, which gives us a better idea of how the smartphone will actually look like in real life.  

The images and details have been provided by “Jimmy Is Promo” who has a Youtube channel. The youtube provided a lot of information on what could be the expected specs for the smartphone. The new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE will be thinner and lighter, but will still have the camera bulge. It will also have a 6.5-inch FHD screen and will also have a 120Hz refresh rate. Whether or not the company will add a variable refresh rate feature, is still to be confirmed. The phone will also be IP68 certified for protection against dust and water. The phone will have a quad-camera setup on the back and will be priced at a much more affordable rate. 

Another information reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE will be placed between Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+, but does not clarify if it’s the experience or the price they are talking about. Samsung is soon expected to have a unpack event for this phone along with other products in the lineup, where we can have more details about the feature, price, and availability.

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