Sony planning for a big re-stock of Playstation 5

A recent restock of the Playstation 5 left consumers with disappointment as the latest restock went out of stock almost immediately. The restock of Playstation 5 on the Amazon India website recently, when out of stock in just 5 minutes, leaving the customers only with the option of searching it in the offline stores. However, as per the latest news that has been reported from some of the most trusted sources for the Playstation 5, Sony is going to make one of the biggest restocks on the console this week. 

It means that consumers will have a better chance of grabbing a Playstation 5 for themselves. As per the information from Jake Randall, Sony is planning for a big restock of the console where each store will get at least 20 disc versions of the Playstation console every week. It’s not just a single market or a single country. Sony will be trying to do the same in multiple countries where the PlayStation 5 has been launched. Starting from this week, Sony will be adding more numbers to the re-stocking procedure and will make sure that more consumers are able to get their hands on one.

Playstation 5 has had a serious re-stocking issue ever since its launch due to the high demand and lack of supply from the supply chains for the component of the new console. However, since the supply chain for the component has been improving, so is the restocking of the new console. It is expected that within a couple of months, Sony will be able to restock the PlayStation inventory regularly.

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