SRS-NS7 wireless neckband speaker launched by Sony features Dolby Atmos

Sony has been a great name when it comes to audio products and they have recently launched the world’s first wireless neckband series which features Dolby Atmos. The SRS-NS7 comes with a WLA-NS7 Bluetooth transmitter, which can be used with Sony Bravia XR TV and transfer the Dolby Atmos audio to the speaker. What’s great about the feature is that the sound output can be customized for every user through an app. 

One simply has to use the Sound Personalizer app and take the picture of their ears. Once taken, the app will create an HRTF map of the ears, which will be fed into the system, and accordingly, the Atmos sound delivered through the speaker will be as per the specific ear and head shape. The device also helps in decreasing the latency in the studio between the TV and speaker, providing a better audio experience. However, the low latency feature is very specific to Bravia XR TV and will not work the same on TV from other companies. 

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The speaker is not only compatible with screens and TV, but it can also be paired with the smartphone easily. It also includes a built-in mic which can help users to make calls through the same. Since it has the latest Bluetooth version, it can be connected to two devices at one time. It has a single active driver and one passive radiator on either side, which are angled upwards. It is IPX4 splash resistant and has a very durable construction as well. It comes with 12-hour battery life and also comes with a quick charge. It has been made available for pre-orders and has been priced at $300, with the WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter sold separately for $60.


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