Tencent drops all Indian teams from the PUBG Pro league.

After Chinese applications were banned in India, the most popular game PUBG was also removed from the Google Play Store in India. Due to this, the South Korean corporation PUBG finished any of its ties with Tencent in India, as Tencent was a Chinese company and had the right to publish the game in India. Once that happened, PUBG was looking for an Indian company to work with them and un-ban the game from the Indian Market. 

There has been news that PUBG corporation has been in discussion with Jio regarding this, but nothing is final. Tencent however, has decided that Indian teams will not be a part of PUBG MOBILE’s global esports circuit for the current season. Tencent’s Director of PUBG Mobile global esports, James Yang, addressed the owners of the Indian teams via a conference call and broke the news that prohibited all Indian teams from participating in the PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Split 2020 South Asia. 

It also means that the Indian teams will not be able to play the PMPL SA (PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020) tournament which has been dominated by the Asian teams in the recent past. The move seems to be a big blow to the fans and the stakeholders of the team such as Fnatic, TSM, Nova Esports, and Galaxy Racer. The step seems to be a part of the frustration that Tencent is going through after the ban of PUBG and the publishing rights being taken from them. 

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