PUBG corporation looking for an Indian Gaming firm to publish PUBG in India and replace Tencent.

A few days back, the Indian government banned 118 Chinese apps, which also included the very famous gaming app called PUBG. Since then there has been a lot of speculation as to what the company will do to restore the game back in India. A few hours back, it was rumored that PUBG corporation will remove the right from Tencent for publishing the game in India. Tencent being a Chinese company, led to the ban of PUBG as it was responsible for publishing and managing the game in India. 

It has now been confirmed the PUBG has broken their relationship with Tencent for India and it soon might be the case in the US as well, as the US government is also looking to ban Chinese apps. Now, PUBG is looking to partner up with an Indian gaming firm to replace the responsibilities of Tencent. If the publishing right of the game is being handled by an Indian gaming firm, it would reverse the ban on PUBG and it will be available to the users again. It has been rumored that PUBG corporation is already in talks with a gaming firm in India and will soon announce the association. 

PUBG Corp is a unit of South Korea’s Bluehole Games and disassociating with Tencent will not make them applicable for the ban of the app. The company has assured that they respect the decision of the Indian government and the reason behind the ban. It is the reason why they will try to comply with every regulation of the Indian government and make sure none of the user’s data is transferred to any other country and stays on the local server.

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