Truecaller adds three new features to its app.

Truecaller has been one of the most popular caller identification apps globally and still continues to remain the same due to its largest database of ids and great performance as an app. The Swedish company has now introduced a new feature to its platform, which could prove to be as useful and efficient for the user. The new feature is called “Call Reason“, which allows users to set a reason for their call, and enable the receiver to check whether the incoming call is personal, business, or urgent. The new feature is also expected to increase the pickup rate to identify the new numbers when calling. 

Apart from this feature, two additional features have also been added to the appSchedule SMS” and “SMS translate” As per the official statement from Rishit Jhunjhunwala, the Chief Product Officer at Truecaller, “We are thrilled at the launch of Call reason, Schedule SMS and SMS translate. We have been working towards building an innovative communication suite for the users and these three new features are the next big step in line with this mission“. 

The “Schedule SMS” feature will provide the users with an option to schedule a reminder for events, meetings, etc. The SMS translate feature will allow users to instantly translate the content of their messages directly in Truecaller. The “Call reason” feature will be rolled out for the Android users on Wednesday, which the iOS users will have to wait until early next year. All three features seem to enhance the quality of experience the users have with Truecaller and will surely be a great addition to it.

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