Twitter adds a new Anti-Troll feature

Twitter has been a lot in the news lately, mainly due to its paid subscription feature and the features that come with it. The paid subscription feature might take some time before it is released, but the micro-blogging site is already starting to bring out new features. The new feature from Twitter brings anti-troll features to their iOS app users. This feature would allow users to select other users who are allowed to reply to their tweets.

twitter anti troll feature

The feature was in development for the last few months after making it available to all iOS users in the latest update. Twitter believes that unwanted replies to any tweet make the conversation less meaningful. Therefore, the user will have three options to select from, Everyone, Only People you follow, Only people you mention. If the user selects the last two options, then the tweet will be labeled, and the reply icon will be grayed out for people who are not allowed to reply as per the settings.

However, it won’t barge the users from viewing, Retweeting, liking the tweet, and adding comments on it. Before the feature was released, all tweets went to the default setting of “everyone can reply,” but now the user can select one of these options and select the people who are allowed to reply on the tweet. It is also a great feature, who fear that people with unknown identity often send threatening messages and replies on the tweet. There is currently no information on whether the feature will be available for Android or not.


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