Twitter brings a new feature which describes trending topics

Twitter has been working on some really interesting features, which will be added to the microblogging sites in the future. We have already heard a lot about the premium subscription plan that the company is working on and might provide the subscribers with a lot of premium features. Another feature that has been found to be a part of the platform in the future is the brief description of trending topics. The feature will be able to help users know about the trending hashtags and topics on Twitter, which will help to spread any kind of misinformation about the topic. 

The description for the topics will be developed by the Twitter curation team and follow guidelines. The description of trends will be available on and Twitter for iOS and Android. The description will be very helpful for the users to understand why a hashtag or a topic is trending on the platform so that the right reason behind it is known. It will have a straightforward and soured context, which has been verified and only then provided to the readers. The feature has been activated by the company and will be available on some of the trending topics for now. 

Slowly and steadily the feature will be used across the platform. The company will be using a combination of algorithms to understand the topics which are trending and the curation team will determine if a Tweet represents a trend by evaluating if the Tweet is very reflective of the trend and popular.

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