Twitter developing a new feature “Add to Birdwatch” to prevent the spreading of fake news.

One of the major issues that almost all social networking companies and microblogging sites like Twitter have faced during the Pandemic is the Fake news. In recent times, the amount of fake news that is being channeled through these sources has increased many times. In order to prevent it companies like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp made a lot of changes to their platform for users to identify which information is genuine and which is fake. Even Twitter made a lot of changes to their platform in the last few months to prevent the spread of fake information on their platform. 

Now the platform will be adding a “Add to Birdwatch” to their platform, which would allow the users to explain why they think the tweet has misleading or wrong information. The new tool by Twitter is currently under development and will soon be ready for the users. The feature would allow the users to flag tweets, add notes to explain their suspicion, and fill up a survey form that estimates the tweet’s potential harm and reach. The feature was first spotted in August and since then multiple screenshots for the same have already been spotted on the internet. 

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This feature would give more control to the user and increase the pro-activeness of the users to mark such fake news. The feature would generate a Twitter community form that will have multiple questions that would add to the context of the complaint. The company has also confirmed that they will be sharing more information on the features in the coming days.


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