Twitter now allows users to share the tweet directly on Snapchat

Twitter has added a big feature for its users on the platform, where the users can now directly share the tweet on the Snapchat platform. Till now, users could have only shared a screenshot of the tweet, but now one can directly share the tweet from Twitter to Snapchat. The feature has been initially rolled out for iOS users, where they can press the share button on the public tweet and simply select the Snapchat icon to share it. The users will also be allowed to create a snap of the tweet and share it or add it to their stories. 

It is not the only integration that will be provided to the users. As per the reports, the company will also share a new feature with a small group of iOS users, where they will be able to test sharing tweets to Instagram Stories soon. Feature to share the tweets with Snapchat will be soon offered to Android users as well. Earlier this month, the company also turned off the threaded replies experiment as it made conversations hard to read and shut down its beta app called twttr. 

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The company is also working on many new and unique features for the users, which still seem to be in the beta phase. Many of these features are meant to deal with the tweets with wrong information and also to allow the users to add more than just text in the tweet. We hope that Twitter soon makes an announcement regarding these features as well.

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