WhatsApp adds a new Disappearing message feature.

A couple of hours back WhatsApp competitor Telegram added a whole new lot of features to the app. Now even WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for their messaging platform which is called a disappearing message. WhatsApp has been focusing on adding new features to its messaging platform for a long time now. However, after the pandemic, when everyone has become more active in messaging apps, the company has been delivering new features very often. 

To this list, they have now added this new feature, which once enabled, will make new messages sent in individual or group chats disappear after seven days. The feature already existed in the beta phase of the app and was being tried and tested for a long time. Now as per the information on the support page, it will be made available to the users and will not affect the previously sent message after enabling the feature. However, one can only use it in individual chats. 

YouTube video

When it comes to groups, the feature will only be accessible to the group admin and no one else. The feature will not work if the disappearing message is forwarded, and in case the user creates a backup, or when the user restores from a backup. Also, as per the media download settings, if auto-download is turned on, images and videos will automatically be saved on the device. Currently, the only option the feature has is for seven days and the duration cannot be changed or customized 


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