Twitter adds the custom share sheet feature to the Android app

Twitter has been trying to make the platform feature-rich by adding new features developed by them and also by integrating third party services for the users. As per the recent update, the company has added a custom share sheet to its iOS clients, that replaced the operating system’s native solution, causing some disgruntled reactions. The same changes have now been brought to the Android version of the app as well. In the update, the users will be able to notice two major changes in the UI, which will be replacing the application’s already existing custom share sheet. 

The existing custom share sheet feature allows a user to send tweets to a selection of recent contacts via direct messages, and you can add content to your bookmarks or copy a link to a tweet. To share the tweet on a different app, one simply has to select the option of “Share Tweet via“”. The new UI changes keep the option in a different row and include a shortcut to the system share sheet. Also, it will add another row with direct sharing options to other apps. 

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The changes will also allow you to keep the previous custom shortcuts and it puts all but the “Send via Direct Message” buttons in the same row as other apps. The variation and changes in the Android version of the app are almost identical to what one can experience in the iOS version as well. However, you will not be able to hold the share button to open the system share sheet in Android, as available in iOS.

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