WhatsApp coming up with new features like Vacation mode and more.

Many new features have been under development for WhatsApp and many more are on the way. The company recently announced some of its new features that will be coming to its messaging platform soon. The company has already announced a lot of new features in the beta version in the last few months like animated stickers, QR codes, search filters, and a lot more. Now more details have been provided about the new features that the company has been working on. One of the new features to make its way to WhatsApp is the all-new Vacation Mode. 

This feature will allow the users to mute archived chat even in the event of receiving new messages. Currently, the users only have the option to archive chats but when a new WhatsApp message arrives, a notification will pop up. The new feature will be coming to the platform in a few months as it is still under development. Similarly, the company will also be adding a lot of new wallpapers to select from into the chats window. It will allow the users to select different kinds of wallpapers for each chat. Since it is currently under the beta version, it might take some time before it is finally released. 

WhatsApp is also working on the Storage Usage section with a list of options to let users easily organize their storage and delete unnecessary files. It will have a new storage bar on the top of the app which will showcase the storage consumption by media on WhatsApp. Not only this, but it will also have the cleanup option to remove the files.

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