WhatsApp to bring a lot of new features in the future

With a lot more competition in the market of messaging applications and more focus on data privacy, WhatsApp has been trying to add a lot more features to the app. The app has been constantly adding a lot of new features and trying to make the platform a lot smoother and easier to use. New features for the same have been spotted in the beta build of the app which is still under development but will soon be ready in a couple of months. 

One of those features is the option to delete a chat from the linked devices. We already know that multi-device support has been one of the features that Whatsapp has been working on. Now, the app will not give the users the option to delete the chats from all the linked devices at one time. The users will not see any such option and will have to remove the chat from one device at a time.

Another feature that was said to be under development for a long time is the option to change the playback speed of the audio messages. The feature has now been rolled out as an update in the beta version of the app. For now, the playback speed options that are available are 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. The app will also bring new chat shortcuts in the Business info section of the app for the Business users. Although it is still under development, it will give users the option of messages, voice calls, catalog, and a lot more.

Another feature that is going to be very useful is the feature of self-destructing media which allows the user to send the media like photos or videos, which would disappear after it is open and checked on the app. Apart from this, the app will also have a redesigned header for disappearing messages, which is currently being tested in the beta version.

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