WhatsApp working on a new community feature

If you have been using social media platforms like Facebook, then you might have joined or have seen online communities. The major role of these communities is to bring together people with the same interest or people discussing the same topic. These communities are very activities in many segments like school, business, and personal. Since communities have become a major part of all social media platforms, WhatsApp is also looking forward to bringing the same feature on their messaging app. New rumors are regularly coming up that confirm that WhatsApp has been working on a new kind of community feature which is still under development. 

The feature was spotted for the first time in October this year by xda developers. Now WABetaInfo has also confirmed that a similar feature is under development. The new feature will provide the admins with more power over the groups and give them the ability to create groups within the existing groups based on different criteria. The users will be invited to the group using the community invited. There will also be subtle changes in the looks for these communities which will help the users to easily differentiate between them. 

The community icons will be square in share with rounded corners instead of round icons for normal groups. WhatsApp has not confirmed anything about this community feature so it is very difficult to know when the feature will be completely developed and released for the users. However, it is likely that the feature will be made available next year only. For now, we can think of it as an extension of community features on Facebook to WhatsApp.


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