Xiaomi to add virtual RAM feature to multiple smartphones with MIUI 13

The new features that are soon going to come in most smartphones are virtual RAM. Virtual RAM not only increases the RAM capacity of the smartphone but also increases its performance. Although this is only available to smartphones having good hardware, it will slowly be a part of smartphones in a wider aspect. We have already noticed many other companies adopting the virtual RAM feature, and now Xiaomi seems to be joining in as well. 

It has been reported that Xiaomi will be adding the feature of virtual RAM in their smartphones through MIUI 13. It will not only add as a feature in the new smartphones but will also increase the performance of their older smartphones. The feature is almost confirmed and unlike other companies, the feature will be available to all the smartphones that will support MIUI13. The feature will use the unused memory on the smartphone and will convert it into virtual memory up to 3GB. 

When available, the feature will scan the memory of the smartphone, and if the required memory is available, it will convert it into virtual RAM. Companies like Oppo, Vivo, and Realme have already used this feature, but they are only limited to a particular handset. However, with Xiaomi, this will be available to a large variety of handsets and especially for the older smartphones. The MIUI 13 is expected to launch in the month of August this year and is speculated to bring in a lot of other new features to the smartphones as well, including an entirely new look. 

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