Xiaomi to bring under-screen camera technology to its phone from next year.

Recently, Xiaomi unveiled that they have successfully built the third version of their under-screen built camera technology and it will be available next year for commercial mass production. Now the company has announced that the new technology will be perfected even further and will be brought to their new lineup of phones by next year. Xiaomi is certainly not the first company to work on this technology however, they have made it clear that they will be the first one in the market to use it commercially in many of their smartphones. 

The front-facing camera in smartphones has seen many changes over the years. From covering a big chunk of the screen, to be limited to a punch-hole design, the front camera will finally vanish from the front screen, providing the user with a complete screen to body ratio. The company claimed that they have been working on the technology for many years now and the first and second version of the tech was only good enough for representation and not to be used for a practical purpose. 

However, the third version for the same has been tested to perfect workout in smartphones in our day-to-day and practical life. As discussed before, the camera will be hiding behind the glass, which will look like a screen. when the camera app is activated, the pixel in front of the camera will dissolve, making the camera visible. When the user shuts down the camera app, the screen pixel will reappear to make it a part of the screen. It would be really exciting to see Xiaomi using the technique on its new range of smartphones.

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