The Magsafe Duo Charger cannot support full 15W charging

One of the best features in the iPhone 12 series has undoubtedly been the Magsafe charging. Apple is about to launch its all-new Magsafe duo charger in the market where the user will be able to charge their new iPhone and Apple Watch together. Although the iPhone comes with a 20W fast charging capability, it was found that the duo charger cannot charge the device till 15W. in wireless charging. Apple fans were expecting Apple to add 20W fast charging to these new charging devices as well, but it seems that you will have to look for a different product in that case. 

Apple is also developing a new Magsafe cooling case, which is supposed to make the iPhone work faster and provide much better performance while the case keeps the phone cool. Apple has recently updated the website description for their Magsafe Duo charger which states that the device will only provide support for 15W wireless charging and can deliver up to 11W using a  20W USB-C Power Adapter. Apple also states that the Magsafe Duo will only be able to extract 14W of maximum power for charging, that too when the users have a 27W or higher USB-C adapter. 

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Even earlier, Apple did not describe anything about the charging capacity and speed of the duo charger but did confirm that it would work with the 20W adapter. The MagSafe Duo charger has been priced at Rs 13,900 in India and $129 in the US market, which does seem to be very expensive based on the charging capacity it is providing. 


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