Xiaomi working on Back Tap gestures

Back Tap gesture is a new feature that has been discovered by both Google and Apple this year. The feature allows the user to tap on the back for a certain feature or function to be accessed. The feature is said to be a part of future Google and Apple phones, where double and triple tap would allow the users to call specific functions.

These functions can be toggling the flashlight, checking notification, screenshots, activating Google Assistant or Siri, etc. However, as per the new leaks and details, even Xiaomi is working on something very similar that can be a part of MIUI 12. The details we spotted by XDA tipster kacskrz spotted the code for this feature in the beta version of MIUI 12. 

Although these settings do not work right now, it is expected that Xiaomi will be able to create these features by the launch of MIUI 12. Currently, the code only provides predefined five options to work with, but as the work is still in progress, many features are expected to be added. Not all devices that get the MIUI 12 update may get this feature.

Only devices like MI 10 and other future smartphones are expected to get this feature as if now. The source code for this function is currently visible in the Beta version of MIUI 12, but it is hidden and cannot be used. Once the feature is launched, it can be a great selling point for many smartphone manufacturers.

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