Zoom is checking popular social media platforms for signs of Impending Zoom-Bomb Attacks

Zoom is one of the most preferred video calling platforms in the world and after the pandemic, the requirement and demand for its services have skyrocketed. However, since the popularity of Zoom has risen, so have the security measures on the platform. Zoom has been trying to develop new ways to secure the platform and users’ details on it. In the same attempt, the company has been now scanning social media posts that contain Zoom meeting links, which are used by bad users to infiltrate and hijack the video session. 

The new security measure will allow the participants in the Zoom call to be notified about their meetings in danger of being Zoom-bombed by spam users. The company began testing and implementing the feature this fall. As per the official statement from Zoom, “When the tool detects a meeting that looks to be at high risk of being disrupted, it automatically alerts the account owner by email and provides advice on what to do.“” The technique will scan the video meeting ID’s against any Zoom meeting information that has been posted on any social media website that can be accessed by all. 

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As per what they said, “If a given meeting is posted about many times or with certain known disruptor hashtags, we may flag it to you as being at high risk of being disrupted.” Zoom has also suggested that the public meetings should be converted to webinars, giving control on who is the participant and who is authorized to chat or use audio and video. If any such issue is detected by the tool, the meeting will be suspended and all video, audio, in-meeting chat, screen sharing, and recording will stop during that time, also the breakout room will end. The company has not explained all the features as if now but is expected to provide more details on the same in the future.


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