Zoom joins hands with BenQ for video conferencing displays.

A few days back Google launched their all-new office setup for Google Meet, which included a bunch of hardware which could transform a meeting room completely enabled with Google Meet video conferencing software and hardware supporting it. The complete setup included a screen, speakers, and touch devices for more control. Since video conferencing has become a major part of any office during the time of the pandemic, a professional setup like this could actually make a lot of sense in an office. or something that can also be set up at any location. 

Now even Zoom is planning to offer something very similar to what Google Meet has been trying to do. Zoom has recently joined hands with BenQ for creating top of the line conferencing displays. The company will now be providing certified video conferencing displays for modern meeting rooms. The company claimed that the integration of the two companies will bring work efficiency and provide seamless interactive telecommunication through video conferencing. All new BenQ displays will enable remote screen sharing, content collaboration, and whiteboarding with notes. 

Apart from such features BenQ will be regularly working with Zoom to create and develop new features for their dedicated hardware which can be provided to the setup through future updates. The company‚Äôs expectation with the integration is very high and they expect to cover a large amount of the market with the technology they would be providing as a packaged product. Both companies are assured that the integration will provide high-quality visual communications to the world. 

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