A new Family safety app launched by Microsoft

The Internet is the biggest world of information that one can access, and for a kid, it is a platform to search for answers related to their questions and curiosity. However, as a parent, you are always concerned about how much time your child will be spending on the mobile and what kind of things they will be searching on the Internet. Digital safety for kids is as important for kids as their physical safety; therefore, as parents, you need to have access and control over what your child can watch and how much time they should spend on it. 

You are providing a solution to Microsoft’s launching the Family Safety app, both on the Android and iOS platforms. It provides many different features through which you can control the time and content that your child watches or experiences on the smartphone.

As a parent, you can use this app to limit screen time for playing games and provide more screen time for the apps you think are educative and help your kids learn something. The best part about using this app is that you can block any adult content to never appear while your kid is using the smartphone. The feature also works with Microsoft Edge on Smartphones. 

The app also allows you to share the family members’ last known location on the map, and Microsoft claims that the data is not sold to any third party. The application will also receive two premium features called driving safety and location alerts, but they are only available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The company will be adding a lot more features to the iPhone device and expect that Apple provides more freedom to developers to create and develop these features in the app, to provide device management for iOS devices with this app.

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