Microsoft Teams rolls out a new personalization feature

Microsoft Teams recently announced free web calling on their web clients a few days back to provide users with an unexpected surprise. Now the company is adding yet another feature to the platform which will make it much more useful as per the preferences of the users. The new personalization feature will allow the users to add a personal account in the desktop and web application, so that they can easily manage and check both personal and professional conversation through a single interface, without having to switch between the apps. 

The new feature has been added to both the desktop and mobile app, making it easier for the users to connect with people both on the personal and professional profiles via the Teams platform. By adding the personal accounts on the platform, users will be able to simultaneously check the messages for all their contacts. The personal and professional accounts will be accessible through different windows and tabs on their devices. Users will also be able to sync their chats on the computer and use the desktop to make calls even when they do not have Teams installed on the system. 

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Other features to the update include the option to start a personal chat, a great group of up to 250 users, sharing images and videos, and see up to 49 people in a video call on a single screen. Users will also be allowed to talk all day for free via video or audio calls with up to 300 participants. Another feature allows both the Android and iOS users to chat with people who do not have Teams installed on their device. Users will also get features like task and location updates and adding events in calendars through group chats.


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