Amazon hardware event comes with a whole new range of devices

Amazon has announced a bunch of new devices in their hardware event and most of them support the ecosystem Amazon is creating to keep all the devices connected to each other. One of the major launches in the event was Amazon Echo 15, which comes with a larger 15.6-inch display and a full HD resolution. The device can be mounted on a wall just like a TV and also comes with a camera in the front which has a closable shutter as well. The device has been priced at $249. 

The second device on the list is the Amazon Astro, which is a robot with built-in features of an Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa assistance. It will follow you around, can make video calls, and also has a retractable periscope camera. It will have all the features of Amazon Echo and has been launched at an introductory price of $999, with the regular price being $1449. Another device that has been launched in the event is Amazon Echo Glow, which has basically been designed with keeping children in mind. The kid-friendly interactive device has a projector and can be used for educational purposes. It is bundled with Amazon’s Kids+ subscription for a year, which basically costs $3 per month. 

Apart from this device, Amazon has also been working on the smart home device, in which they have launched the Amazon Smart Thermostat at just$59. The device is available for pre-order right now and can be controlled through the Alexa app on the smartphone. It will also be able to track the amount of energy used by HVAC. Along with these devices, Amazon has finally launched their own wearable fitness tracker which is the Halo view. The wearable comes with 7 days battery life and comes with an SPO2 sensor, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and a lot more. The price for the device has been kept at $79. However, using this device would also require a paid subscription to Halo Nutrition and Halo Fitness. 

Last on the list is Always Home Cam which is a floating drone camera and is available for sale invite-only for $249. The invitation would ask you details about the home and if you have certain products already installed in your home. Amazon also announced a lot of new updates that will be released for their existing set of devices and will bring new features and new language support.


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