Amazon Prime Video brings the Watch Party feature to India

One of the most popular features of Amazon Prime Video is the “Watch party” where multiple people can watch the same movie or episode together. The feature has now been made available in the Indian market for the users which would be very similar to how Netflix extensions work. The “Watch Party” allows the user to stream a Prime Video title with up to 100 friends or family at the same time. However, all the hundred users need to have the Amazon Prime membership and a non-Prime member will not be able to participate. 

The feature will not only allow the users to watch the title together but also chat with them in a sidebar. All you need to do is pick a title and Amazon will handle all the synchronization. This makes Amazon the first video streaming platform in India to bring this feature for its users. However, you can only use the feature through a computer and now a smartphone. You would have to log in to your Prime account on and use browsers like Chrome or Firefox. 

Once you login, check the title you want to watch and you will see a watch party button on the top. Clicking on it will ask you to select a chat name and will also provide you with a link to share with the friends. The user who initiates it will have the access to video controls like pause, play, rewind, and fast forward, Amazon notes. The choice of controls for participants is only limited to the choice of audio and subtitle language


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