All New Android phones will now have at least 2GB RAM

Android has been one of the most used operating systems globally, and due to this, Google is constantly trying to update and improve the OS to improve the performance on the device. However, sometimes the device configuration makes it very hard for the company to improve the performance by simply providing software updates. Therefore, Google has announced that from now on, every Android phone needs to have at least 2GB of RAM on the phone, and it will be a mandate globally.

The decision was expected as Android’s software requirement is constantly increasing, and so is the hardware requirement. Therefore, smartphones that cost less RAM will never work in the future. Also, since premium smartphones are coming up to 12GB of RAM, expecting at least 2GB RAM in an Android smartphone is easily possible. 

The decision will help make the Android ecosystem more easily accessible in terms of performance, especially for people using entry-level smartphones. Starting Q4 of 2020, every entry-level phone on Android, running the OS version 10 and 11, needs to have at least 2GB of RAM. However, smartphones with less than 2GB of RAM will only run Android Go as the operating system. Due to this, the company has also decided that the Android Go phones will have at least 1GB of RAM.

This mandatory change is going to bring a big improvement for people using entry-level smartphones. It will improve the performance on these smartphones and lead the user to try various other android features, which they were unable to use earlier. Users can also expect to see a lot more Android Go devices with up to 2GB RAM as well.  


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