Apple to adopt OLED screen for iPads in 2022

Apple is getting all set to launch a new series of devices in March and the most expected ones among them are the new Macbook and iPads. This year, the company has made a lot of changes to their devices in terms of design and features as well. One of the prominent changes that one can expect to appear in the devices is the outer design of the body that will be influenced by the iPhone 12 series and the inclusion of new display technology to make the devices a lot more power-efficient. 

Leaked reports in the market from the last couple of months have already stated that Apple will be using the Mini-LED display for its upcoming products. The same technology for display is expected to be used in the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro this year. Now new details have surfaced online which states that one of the iPad models that will be launched next year will have an OLED panel. This will make a lot of sense as the Mini-LED display was said to be the beginning of Apple adopting the OLED technology for displays. 

The same details were also leaked before with the details that Apple will be launching the OLED display iPad in 2021, but now it seems that we will have to wait until 2021 for the same. Experts believe that Apple could be using the same technology for Macbooks in the future as well. There is currently no confirmation from Apple on the use of OLED display, but it can be a possibility that the use of OLED screens could come up in 2022 or be pushed further back.

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