Apple to allow app developers to provide free or discounted subscription via offer codes

Apple has recently announced good news for app developers. As per the announcement, Apple will let developers offer discounts or a free subscription to the users or new potential users through offer code physically or electronically. This step will help the developers to get new subscribers for their apps and even retain the existing ones. Apple has confirmed that this feature will be available to the developers in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, later this year. It is not that the developers have not offered any kind of discount to the users before. 

Discounted pricing and introductory offers were available for Apple device subscription. However, the new codes will give more control to the developers. The developers will be the ones who can choose to send the codes in person or online. The codes could be provided alongside the purchase on the App store and sent through an e-mail to the user.

These codes will be redeemable on the App Store, while the customer is trying to purchase any other service. The new model of providing discounts will not change the 30% commission model that Apple has been following for a long while but will give more flexibility to developers for attracting more users and subscriptions. 

The move has been supported by a lot of app developers for iOS, but also has a lot of haters, similar to the likes of app developers Epic Games. However, Apple will be launching the feature soon in the iOS upgrade and hopes that it would make managing discounts easier for developers.


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