Apple has quietly accepted a major hardware flaw in the iPhone 12 series.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series has been selling like a hot cake for the company and they have already increased the production for the same by millions of more iPhone 12 units. However, it seems that there is a small hardware problem in the new iPhone which now Apple has quietly confirmed. As per the internal Apple document which has been leaked, the iPhone 12 smartphones are suffering from significant display issues like flickering, green and Gary glowing, and a variety of other lighting problems. 

A few days back, reports came in for iPhone 12 mini users that they were unable to unlock the screen as it became unresponsive. Due to this, they had to swipe up multiple times without any success. Only when the phone was restarted, the unlock option used to work on the screen. It seems like this issue was also connected to the same problem. Now the surprising fact is that the internal Apple document has instructions for Authorized Service Providers, “to avoid servicing affected iPhones, at least for now.” 

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It seems that Apple will be trying to fix the issue using the software update first and later with the hardware service if software updates do not work. There is no timeline mentioned for the same in the document, neither has Apple made any announcements for it. However, the green tint problem also occurred in iPhone 11 which was resolved using the software update and also by replacing some units. With displays being one of the major upgrades, it is expected that the company will make sure that such display issues do not occur in the future.


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