Apple is providing an exchange value of up to Rs 63,000 for purchasing the iPhone 12 series in the trade-in option.

The iPhone has been really popular in India, and ever since the company has launched its online India specific store, the sale numbers have been rising higher than ever. Since the festive season in India is on the rise, there has been a huge discount on smartphones, even on the older version of the iPhone. The discounts were provided by both Flipkart and Amazon, where the iPhone 11 was being sold for almost Rs 45,000, which is way less than its original cost. 

Now, Apple themselves have come up with a new exchange offer, where the users can get up to Rs 63,000 off from their older version of iPhones and Android smartphones. The list of smartphones that are eligible for the exchange ranges from iPhone 5s to 11 for the iPhone series. Since iPhone 12 is the latest series from the company, discounts were not available on them, but the company did bring a better exchange offer to make the festive days count for higher sales. The trade-in option can be selected from the official Apple Store with much heavier discounts. 

The trade-off value can provide the user discount from Rs 63,000 to Rs 3,000 for the iPhone 5s. When it comes to Android, the exchange value that you can get would be on the Galaxy Note 10 plus for Rs 36,230. Also, the exchange value of the OnePlus 7T is around Rs 19,170. The only thing that the user will have to keep in mind is that the details of the device entered online should match the device that will be exchanged.


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