Apple might not include any accessory with iPhone 12.

Over time, the price point at which the iPhone is being launched has been increasing. Even then the popularity of the product has never gone down. Apart from their iPhones, Apple has been making a big amount of money through its branded accessories, which are highly-priced because of its quality. Until now, the company used to provide a few basic accessories with its phone, which would basically be the charging wire, power brick, and wired earphones, along with some stickers and manuals.

However, this time it might not be the case. It is rumored that iPhone 12 will come without accessories in the box. The details have been provided by TrendForce which states that iPhone 12 will be priced higher than iPhone 11’s launch price and will have no accessories either. It was earlier expected that the company will be providing an all-new 20W fast charger along with the iPhone 12, but the details seem to be proven wrong. The information that the iPhone 12 might not have any accessories in the box was in the air since last month. 

The price hike in the new model was already expected due to the new 5G hardware the company has to add on. However, it was also confirmed that the company is replacing some pats with a more affordable option to bring down the price. But not adding any accessories seems to be out of place. Also, it would certainly boost the accessory business of Apple, where the sales are definitely on increase from the last few years.

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