Apple might release their foldable smartphone in 2022.

When it comes to foldable smartphones, it is still in a very early stage and companies like Samsung, Huawei, and LG have already gained an advantage over it. However, one question that was in everyone’s mind was whether Apple was also going to release the same kind of device. As per the latest details Apple is already working on a foldable smartphone and it is expected that the company would release it in the year 2022. 

The news was provided by Economic Daily News which confirmed that Apple has sent several prototypes to its manufacturing supplier Foxconn for testing. Also, details reveal that the company is aiming to make the device capable of withstanding at least 100,000 folds and is also deciding on whether they will be using an OLED or micro-OLED display for the device. The expected date of the release for the device is September 2022, the month in which Apple normally released their new iPhone. 

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It is not clear whether the phone will be a different model from the iPhone 14 or the same one. Foldable phones have just arrived a couple of years back and there are still a lot of flaws that need to be corrected as they are just in their second generation of evolution. Apple is known to refine their devices and make them as perfect as possible, which might be a reason they are taking so long to bring out a foldable device. There are currently no details about the prototype they have been working on but we can sure expect to see a great foldable device from the company. 


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