Apple registers a new Patent for Watch Series 6

Apple has been prepping up for the launch of the iPhone 12 later this year. But before that, a new rumor has popped up regarding the new patent Apple has just registered. The new feature isn’t exactly new to us. The same feature was revealed in 2018, in the previous generation of Apple watch. The feature is Fall detection and it seems that the company has been able to add a lot of new improvements and innovation in it, leading them to register a new patent.

Apart from the patent, very less is known about the 6 gen series of Apple watch. This Fall detection feature from Apple will be a part of the next generation Apple watch. The feature will send a notification to one of your selected contacts in case it does not recognize any activity after falling down for 60 seconds. The watch will first check if you are alright or not and will try to check your vitals through the device. Once checked, only then will it send the notification or sound the alarm.

The new patent also reveals that the two feature has now been made more effective and precise with almost two years of development. The company has added a new bunch of sensors and has modified the system to understand human behavior and collect more data. The watch measure things like heart functions (ECG, EKG), water content, body-fat ratios, galvanic skin resistance, and combinations thereof, etc, which will help to improve the Fall detections feature.

The feature is going to promote the watch as a perfect health companion for the consumers, but the question remains on whether it will be seen in Apple Watch 6. Since it is right now a patent, chances are very slim and it can come in generation 7 of Apple watch.

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