New OnePlus Watch in works to take on Apple Watch 6

Apple has been working on the new Apple Watch 6 for a long time and finally, it will be launched in the coming months. However, that does leave Android users asking for more and OnePlus might be listening to them. It is rumored that OnePlus is currently working on a new Smartwatch design which could be a premium offering for Android smartwatch users. The watch is said to be taking on Apple’s new Watch 6 and the new watch from OnePlus will be named OnePlus Watch. 

However, when enquired about the same from OnePlus, there was a lot more to our surprise. It seems that OnePlus is working on a new Smartwatch, earbuds, and TVs for the Asian market. The rumors for the OnePlus watch have been there since the Apple Watch 5 came into the market. Recently, Oppo has revealed their new Android smartwatch which is very similar looking to Apple’s watch and has a great hardware configuration. 

People were expecting OnePlus to offer something similar, but OnePlus has always been stressing on the fact that although they are connected through common threads, the thinking for each brand is unique and they will be offering something different in terms of a product. Although there is no official confirmation from the company as to when it will be released or announced. However, we can expect OnePlus to announce their new smartwatch near the launch of Apple Series 6 watch to give it a tough competition. 

The company is currently also working on their new budget category offering, which is codenamed “Clover” and is expected to cost somewhere $200 or less.


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