Apple has released the iOS 14.2 Beta update, adding new features and performance improvements.

Apple has recently made iOS 14 available to the users and within a few days only, the company has released the Beta version of iOS and iPad OS 14.2 as well. The update is said to bring a lot of incremental changes to the iOS 14 devices and will cover a lot of bugs as well. The Beta is now open to anyone with an Apple ID and a compatible iPhone or iPad device. The update brings a new Music Recognition function right in the Control Center, which will be integrated with Shazam for improving the recognition capabilities for music-related content. 

The feature can now identify the music that is playing on any other app in your phone or simply identify the constant ambient music playing in the background. The new Beta update will also add a “Now Playing” widget for the control center and show recently played music tracks. A new update will make a connection between two Apple devices through AirPlay faster. One unique feature that the company has added through this update is related to socially distant society, which is one of the most important aspects of today’s world. 

The app can provide you a notification on how far they are standing from you, to maintain social distancing. Apart from all these features, there are a lot more tweaks and performance improvements that have been brought in. Also, it would resolve the bugs that users have been facing ever since they have upgraded to iOS 14.


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