Apple uses its retail store chain for faster delivery across the US and Canada.

Apple is all set to launch its new range of 5G smartphones and other consumer products in the Apple event on October 13. To make sure that customers are able to order the product and get the delivery in time, the company is starting to use its network of retail stores as distribution centers for shipping to the consumers. It will be specifically beneficial for people who do not have an Apple Store nearby. Previously, Apple shipped devices like iPhones, Macs, iPads, and accessories from warehouses located across a customer’s region or directly from China. 

This would take time and used to be more expensive for the company as well. However, now the company will be using its 300 retail stores spread across the US and Canada to deliver the products. It will not only make the delivery process much faster but will also help Apple to complete a huge amount of orders in the least time. It will provide a faster delivery time to people who live further from the distribution centers. Products will be shipped through FedEx Corp and the deliveries might be as fast as the same day of ordering. 

However, it will only apply to the consumers who live within 100 miles from the store. The company tested this delivery model as soon as retail stores started opening after Covid-19. Now, since the company is about to launch a whole new range of products, this model will not only help them to complete the shipping in the least time but also cater to the consumers living far away from distribution centers.


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